Activity Descriptions

  • Challenge High Ropes Course
  • Low ropes course
  • Initiatives
  • Stunt Kites
  • Orienteering
  • Fishing
  • Bivouac
  • Archery
  • Introduction to rope work
  • Canoeing
  • Bush Cooking
  • Beach games

Challenge High Ropes Course

  • The high ropes initially developed from military assault and obstacle courses and were constructed using sailing and climbing techniques.

The challenge high ropes course at Koinonia gives partici-pants the opportunity to challenge themselves to overcome fears, and to learn to put their trust in others.

Participants climb to various heights with a maximum height of 11 metres. Their aim is to overcome many high element challenges. They are equipped with a harness, helmet and hardware specially designed for activities such as this.

Participants are attached to a safety rope that is controlled by an instructor and/or a trained team.

At any point of time the participant may be lowered to the ground upon request (challenge by choice).

This activity provides a memorable experience that involves a high level of commitment and exhilaration that does not compare. It challenges the participants’ own limitations with the objective of increasing personal awareness and growth.

Covered shoes are to be worn by all participants.

Low ropes course

  • Low ropes are a series of challenging activities that integrate problem solving. The challenge involves working in a team situation on equipment 30cm – 2.4m from the ground with the exception of “the wall” at 3m. These activities are under the supervision of a qualified instructor whose aim is to encourage the participants to work as a team in a safe environment. This includes training in safety procedures.

Covered shoes are to be worn by all participants.


  • Initiatives are series of problem solving activities that require the children to use their physical and mental abilities as well as encourage co-operation and communication.

This activity involves working as a team under the supervision of an instructor. It includes a number of challenge activities that may be combined with low ropes or facilitated as a separate activity.

Stunt Kites

This beach activity gives the participants the opportunity to fly two stringed stunt kites.

They will be instructed in the basic care and flight techniques of stunt kites.

The beach is located directly opposite the Koinonia campsite.

No swimming is permitted unless supervised by a qualified or accredited member. Water to knee depth may be encountered.


This activity has 4 different levels based on the age and ability of the participants.

  1. Participants are instructed how to orient and follow a set map, locating set on site markers along the way.
  2. As above with the addition of an on site compass course.
  3. For the older or more experienced participants an off sites compass course.
  4. For the experienced a difficult off site course that will challenge even the most experienced.


Fishing is instructed by one of Evans Head top fisherman (says us). Participants are taught the skill of collecting various types of bait, casting and reeling in the catch and basic beach fishing. We encourage the catch and release policy. Water to knee depth may be encountered.


  • This is a life skill programme where the participants build their own shelter out of provided materials (tarpaulins and ropes). They cook their own outdoor meal (optional) and have a campfire complete with marshmallows to roast.

For the younger age group this is located on crown land adjoining the camp. With this all amenities are available as well as cabins should the weather turn bad.

Older groups have the option of a hike and campout with no modem facilities. This may also be programmed with a day of canoeing and or abseiling.


Under the supervision of a qualified instructor, participants are instructed using re-curve bows and target arrows, in basic archery skills.

With discipline they will notice an improvement in their skills in a short time.

Introduction to rope work
(Swinging In the chapel)

Using different rope elements and techniques this is activity is an excellent Introduction to abseiling and rock climbing.

This indoor activity involves the use of a harness, helmet and hardware.

Elements of this activity include our popular swinging in the chapel activity.

Equipped, participants are challenged to step from a platform 2.4 metres from the ground, pendulum across the room with the option of swinging upside down or blindfolded.

Climbing caving ladders and a suspended climbing pole are often additions to this activity or may take priority upon request.

Covered shoes are to be worn by all participants.


Provided with Canadian canoes, paddles and life jackets, participants are given the opportunity to learn basic paddling skills on the Evans River.

This activity is instructed off site. It involves the transportation of participants to the Evans River by vehicle, or by foot, for the duration of approx. 2 kms.

All safety equipment is provided and the Australian Canoe Federation accredits our instructors.

Covered shoes are to be worn by all participants.

Bush Cooking

The participants learn to build, maintain and extinguish a fire safely. They prepare and cook their own damper and make billy tea / hot chocolate. The leader facilitates a group discussion on camp expectations or experiences.

Beach games

Supervised fun and games on the beach. Campers participate in a number of high impact beach games. Beware water pistols may be involved.

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